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Posted by DevAesthetic - 8 days ago

@TomFulp , You amazing person. You deserve my donation! Thank you for making Newgrounds!


Posted by DevAesthetic - 11 days ago

se tonight.

Anyways, i dunno. I will do something but I don't know what yet. Please Standby

Posted by DevAesthetic - March 25th, 2019

Hey everyone! Sorry for not being that active on here and stuff. Been busy with all kinds of life things going on with my personal life along with me just shitting around and doing nothing, Basically lacking motivation. However, Lately i've been on the creative side of me and that I'm happy to say I'm back. I dunno how long this lasts, I hope this lasts a long time. I've just made a song that I started back when I just woke up and that now I just finished it. I don't have much experience in music but this is my second original song that I have ever made, It's called "Genesis" and it's on here. Anyways, Ill be doing a multitude of things so look out for those stuff.

Posted by DevAesthetic - December 17th, 2018

Hello Everyone!

So, Today marks the day when Tumblr's rules apply and that everything is now getting wiped, even posts that are innocent are getting killed off which is probs the main reason why I don't like Tumblr anymore. So, Even during the whole Tumblr Deleting NSFW and Newgrounds having its popularity rising up, I still used Tumblr. Tumblr was an Interesting place however in the recent times, I barely even used it much myself. So, I wrote a goodbye post, Linked my NG account here and logged out.
So Now i'm perma here

So ggwp Tumblr, You killed off everyone lol.

Posted by DevAesthetic - December 14th, 2018

So Lately I've been playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch which is made by Nintendo and Sora Inc. Okay enough with the long title, yeah I've been playing tons of smash yesterday since I got it yesterday, Yeah like 6 days after launch lmao. I haven't been working on my game (ofc since It's smashing time), But Ill get back to work on it today!
Smash Ultimate, It's so fun. Like I really didn't like Smash 4, But Smash Ultimate? It's really damn good. It feels speedy and fast, Having so much Satisfaction to the hits and combos I make. I've been playing tons on Young Link, And even after the nerf, He was still really good Imo.
Anyways, I recommend Smash Ultimate, Get it.

Posted by DevAesthetic - December 9th, 2018


Hey everyone, So, This is it so far. I have programmed The movement and jumping of the character (Which I don't have any graphics yet but hey, Whatevs.) But I have programmed stuff like platforms and stuff. Yeah nothing too fancy or impressive but hey! Here's a picture. I'm really looking forward to posting this on here!

Posted by DevAesthetic - December 6th, 2018

Hello Everyone!
So like, First Project. It's not gonna be a great one but it will be an attempt. As you may or May not know, I'm very new to actually programming a game... Not actually programming but whatever programming that Clickteam Fusion 2.5 does, Yeah That. Anyways, I really hope I can get something out there within 2 months. Majority of my days being home from work i'm usually sleeping or playing a game and the only times when i'm actively working on projects are basically Today (Thursday) and Most of friday, On friday nights I usually head out to go working.
But! I can get it done I think. Maybe. Well, I can actually work on it on days I do go to work but whatever.

I'm repeating myself lmao.
What I'm trying to say is my first ever game, Project, Is going to be something simple and not even mind blowing but I really hope the pixelart I put into this game will be satisfying, and maybe I could collab later with other peeps.
I'm getting back to working on it,


Posted by DevAesthetic - November 20th, 2018

Yo it's great to see plenty of people coming to the site now, plenty of which is from tumblr. I recently became very active on here aswell and I have been using this site for a long ass time. I'm glad to see everyone is coming here, This place has plenty of great and amazing people that are also very talented! It's so weird cause a few weeks ago on my personal social media, I was telling my friends about newgrounds and how it was still around and very cool. At first they seemed to not be interested but overtime they all finally did, like recently lol.
Anyways, I'm excited to show stuff later in the future of my projects too!